Athena – Equi-libre Horses’ Saddle Horse

Happy New Year!

Equi-libre Horses has lots of exciting things in store for this year! One of which is the introduction of ‘Athena’, our saddle horse.

I am so excited about this new addition to ELH’s teaching tool box!

Athena is going to allow us to significantly break down the individual components of actually riding our horses, but without the worry of needing to focus on the training of our horses at the same time.

We will be able to dissect the finer details and explore them in terms of rider balance, spinal alignment, engagement of our cores, finding tiny releases in our bodies, rein mechanics, the correct use of -R and much, much more.

Athena is available for bookings for individual lessons, clinic and demonstration days as well as workshops.

For more information or to request her presence at a lesson or clinic, please email us on

Jo Hughes

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