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“Positively teaching the art & science of horsemanship and equitation; enabling you to bring your equine dreams to life”

Jo Hughes

Jo Hughes of Equi-libre Horses is a fully qualified and insured BHS AI (Reg’d) Instructor, Classical Horsemanship Coach, Equine Behaviour Consultant, Positive Reinforcement Trainer and a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT).

Jo is a fully qualified and insured BHS AI (Reg’d) Instructor, a clicker trainer and a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT).

Jo’s journey so far has helped her understand that to become a good trainer, many pieces of the horsemanship puzzle need to be developed; a good understanding of equine behaviour (including detailed observations of body language), how horses learn, as well as the practical side of training are all equally important. Alongside this, she knows the critical importance of developing oneself in areas such as mindfulness, body awareness and posture.

Jo is 100% committed to the horses’ wellbeing; her philosophy is to empower others to allow them to develop into great horse trainers. Jo’s belief is that good horsemanship is both an art and a science and she is passionate about combining the age-old wisdom handed down by the classical masters with more recent research in the science of equine psychology and behaviour. The primary focus of Jo’s training is optimum performance and long-term physical, mental and emotional balance in both horse and rider.

A dedicated positive reinforcement trainer, Jo delivers safe and ethical solutions to both equines and humans.

At its very best, using positive reinforcement (alongside a clicker as a training tool) is a totally ‘hands off’ way of training where you still get maximum feel for the horse, actively enhancing your horse’s partnership with you. It’s a truly positive way of being with horses that simply has to be experienced to be believed!

She studies with many trainers and doesn’t follow one particular method, instead preferring to draw on all her learning and experiences. Jo’s aim is to share the knowledge she has accumulated to enable others to create a happier and healthier means of communicating and working with their horses.

Jo takes her continued professional development very seriously and attends many clinics in the UK each year as well as ongoing training with Equine Behaviourist Dr Helen Spence, ex marine mammal trainer Shawna Karrasch and an array of other classical trainers and behaviourists.

Jo is also a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT) and teaches and trains Horse Agility as well as running and judging competitions. This fabulous sport is about building relationships based on trust with our horses using only positive techniques. Its an awful lot of fun for both horses and people. For more information on this fast growing sport, visit the official site – www.thehorseagilityclub.com/


For more information about the services Equi-libre Horses offers click here or to learn more about Jo’s knowledge, qualifications, history, previous experience, goals and continued professional development click here.

If you would like to enquire or discuss the possibility of auditing or arranging lessons, workshops, a clinics, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us at jo@equi-libre.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to visit and look around our site, we hope you enjoy your experience whilst here.

Best wishes,

Jo Hughes


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hope you can take a minute to visit Classical Horsehandling. I am “Friends,” with Shawna Karrashc and have quietly followed your thinking on many training issues. Forty years ago when I left the horseworld, and thought it was for good I’d have loved to have found some folks, such as you, as I would have stayed in that case.

    I’m back.


  2. Hi Don! How great to hear from you on here, thank you for your lovely kind post. Isnt it so wonderful that we all have this access to each other now – the internet is an amazing tool.

    I cant tell you how overjoyed I am that you are back and that you have set up a group! You have such a lot to bring to the clicker fraternity, so much knowledge! I look forward to reading more on your group.

  3. I would definitely recommend jo to anyone who needs help with their ridding, she is an amazing teacher and I have come on loads since having her as my ridding instructor, she is kind and teaches you in a nice way in which is easy to understand. Since having jo my confidence has increased massively and I am now ridding horses I wouldn’t even dream of ridding. Thankyou jo xx

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